Hill Climb Season (part 2)

So, the hill climb season is well under way. Skinny blokes putting out 500 watts for upward of 2, 3, 4 minutes as they do something magical with lactate processing that most of us can’t.


Matthew Bailey has written a great piece for Conquista Magazine on the UK National Hill Climb Championships (http://www.thepelotonbrief.com/the-uk-national-hill-climb-championships/) the culmination of the season, this year being on 28th October at Pea Royd Lane near Sheffield. This version is 860 yards in length with the current course records being Men – 2:20.2 set by Joe Clark in 2016 and for the Women, 3:00.1 by Lou Bates, also in 2016.

I’m going for Calum Brown to sneak it.

My own efforts at Catford, Bec and the Urban Hill climbs have been pretty good, fun and bloody painful. Good pain, though thankfully (see Hill Climb Season part I)

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