The Live Longer Stronger programme is adaptive, incorporating proven, sport-specific training routines. Does your strength, weight, fitness or nutrition affect your sporting performance? If so, the programme will focus on your weaknesses and overall goals.

Cycling: Taking off-bike strength training advice provided by British Cycling, from simple core exercises to more complex compound resistance moves, we help cyclists improve their economy, power and performance. Our Wattbike is used for on-bike training programmes and perfomance testing

Aerobic and Power training

Swimming: Strength training is now a foundation element of a swimmer’s routine. We adapt British Swimming’s guidelines.

Running: Inter-discipline specific (eg sprint/5k/marathon/trail), the programme focuses on motor skills, speed and agility, endurance, plyometrics for power, and core stability. Resistance training is just one piece of the jigsaw.

Golf: We address the common swing limitations amateur golfers have (according to the Titleist Performance Institute), including Insufficient upper body strength; Lack of glute and/or abdominal strength; Inadequate core stability; Lack of shoulder, thoracic spine and hip flexibility, mobility, stability; Limited overhead deep squat.

Tennis: Following proven strength and conditioning protocols to improve power, speed, control and flexibility.

If your sport is not one of these but you want to discuss your objectives, please get in touch.