Training Programmes and Performance Testing

Wattbike’s training plans are not only a preferred choice for professional athletes across many sports, they are valuable for newcomers to fitness too.

Plans are individually programmed for any client wanting to improve their cardiorespiratory fitness or perhaps to lose body fat. And from triathletes, cyclists and runners to participants in any sport, athletic performance can be measurably improved.

Alongside numerous training plans we have performance tests which are based upon maximum heart rate (MHR) or functional threshold power (FTP). Knowing these will help benchmark your performance and achieve maximum results during your training programme.

I also use Trainerroad software, integrated into the Wattbike for additional programming variety and depth.

Individual Plans

Training plans are personalised for each client, whether you are starting out on a fitness journey or an accomplished athlete.

Aerobic Endurance

From low/medium intensity intervals and aerobic base-building to higher intensity intervals with speed endurance and stamina being the goal.

Event Specific

The appropriate plan will be structured, whether aiming to complete a 100-mile cycling event, improve 10-mile time trials or the 20-mile bike-leg of a triathlon.


Coming back from injury? Ease back into movement with gentle regeneration programmes and easy, steady-state work before progressing onto aerobic endurance-rebuilding plans.