Rowan Foggitt

A 55 year young Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 2 Fitness & Gym Instructor. I coach mature clients, those new to strength training and cardiovascular exercise, competitive athletes and those seeking to reduce body fat.

Currently having great fun instructing for Echelon UK

I’m a member of CIMSPA, the chartered, professional development body for the UK’s sport & physical activity sector. It ratifies my qualification, requires that I undertake CPD and holds me to professional standards.

I’m based near Bromley, SE London (UK) at my studio gym, and select London locations. Available to the world via the best coaching software.

I lift weights, run, ride, swim and train clients.

My mantra and lifestyle has always been to stay fit by participating wholeheartedly in activities I love.

Sporting injuries and subsequent surgery on multiple joints (knee, ankle, shoulder) has frequently made exercise a challenge. Through diligent rehab, progressive strength training and a personalised exercise programme, I am able to continue training and participate in demanding sport.

Relevant to in-person clients, I have access to wonderfully supportive and inclusive walk/jog/running groups, athletics clubs, veterans football teams, cycling clubs, swimming groups, plus a number of other activities suitable for newbies, those getting back to sport and up to a competitive level.