The studio is equipped with all we need to turn you into A BEAST. Or a lithe ballerina… whatever you want!

  • Cable motion pulley & rack weight system for a complete variety of resistance exercises
  • Olympic barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and floor space for body-weight exercises
  • T-Bar extension for compound exercises
  • Multiple grip pull-up bar
  • Water rower
  • Wattbike Atom
  • Echelon Fitness Bike EX5

The Wattbike is equipped with integrated performance tests and training programmes, such as beginner’s base training, HIIT, FTP testing, ramp tests and 3-minute power tests.

We also perform the Wattbike CRF (cardio respiratory fitness) health assessment test, an easy-to-do, accessible, and accurate test that gives each individual their CRF score and predicted VO2max. It provides a current health and fitness benchmark. Improvements via the appropriate training plan are measurable to a fine degree of accuracy. Suitable for all, not just for cyclists.

The studio also has an outside space where we train.

Music! We can dance !