60 Day Shred

What does it take to achieve lasting fat loss? It is an individual taking control, changing habits. You can’t walk the path to your goals while dragging old habits with you

The 60 Day Shred is all about Change & Accountability. You Change. I hold you Accountable

What Do you Get?

You work with Rowan 1-1

Access to the 5060fit Training App

Nutrition Intake Logging

In-App communication

Accountability & Structure

What Happens?

You Sign up for 60 days – If you like the process and the results, sign up for a following block of 60 days

We work 1-1. Your lifestyle habits, food intake and nutrition, drinking, everything will be analysed and questioned

Based on your sex, weight, height, age, activity levels and fat loss goals we set a realistic and managable calorie intake to achieve your desired fat loss in x number of days

Calories are yet aren’t everything. We won’t obsess over your calorie intake though initially we will count them as we need to understand intake, type and quality of nutrition and macro/micronutriuents being consumed.

No set meal plans: you decide what to consume but are given daily and weekly targets to achieve in overall calories, macros (carbs/protein/fat). Targets are adjusted if required, based on a change in energy expenditure, progress (too quick/not quick enough), metabolic adaptation, hitting a plateau and changes in your objectives

You perform a bodyweight (no equipment) and/or gym exercise programme 2-3/week. You need to ensure fat is lost, not muscle

I analyse your activity levels and suggest amendments if necessary

We track your fat loss and exercise workouts in the 5060fit App

I hold you accountable for your actions. And suggest changes if needed

We adopt life-changing habits

You see the value of investing in yourself

You enjoy the process, adding to your motivation

You become happier, healthier, more confident

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

The SIGN UP NOW button takes you to a payment page that is hosted by my SportStrong website. You sign up for 60 days. If not happy in any way during the first 14 days, I will provide a 100% refund.