Your objective may be to enjoy sports and leisure, get trim and slim for your holiday or your child’s wedding, be able to spend quality, active time with your family or feel fitter and stronger. You may wish to look better in a shirt or skirt or simply feel more confident in yourself. It could also be related to an immediate health issue: or possibly all of these things.

The Live Stronger programme is designed to match your goals and is formed by fundamentals:

Resistance Exercise – use of repetitions, tempo, rest periods and load. The structured, progressive overload format provides the stimulus for clients to achieve linear, muscular improvements.

Core stability and strength – Joseph Pilates used the term ‘contrology’ to describe his method and we incorporate control under duress and calisthenics into the programme. For many, a strong core reduces symptoms of back pain. 

Flexibility and movement – lengthening muscles and soft tissue helps posture, prevents injuries and reduces balance problems. Graceful movement comes from flexibility and strength.

Body composition improvements – muscle gain/fat loss is a primary driver of the programme.

Nutrition principles – we prescribe sustainable macronutrient (carb/protein/fat) splits and energy balance guidelines to follow, appropriate to the individual, activity level and objectives.

Cardiovascular fitness – Wattbike sessions are made relevant to the individual’s capabilities, preferences, progression and objectives.

Social activities and sports – direction and support for those that do not have a regular activity that combines exercise and social stimulus.


I provide in-person coaching and remote coaching via the TrueCoach app, simply the the best, most sophisticated software solution for trainers and clients alike.

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